Sham EU parliament backs coup in Venezuela



Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland

31 January 2019

The sham veneer of democracy that is the “European Parliament” adopted a resolution today recognising the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the “interim president” of Venezuela. It also called on member-states to recognise the coup government, just as it did with coup junta in Ukraine in 2014.

The mask continues to slip and to reveal the true character and nature of the European Union, little more than an instrument for protecting and advancing the interests of big European corporations and global imperialism.

It behoves all those parties and organisations, both here in Ireland and within the EU member-states, that still harbour illusions that this instrument of imperialism can be reformed or “democratised” to recognise these facts. By presenting such illusions they are complicit in the actions of the EU and now in particular in what is being organised for the…

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